$BAKER Token & Governance

Here you can read about BAKER Tokenomics & Governance and find the BAKER token addresses.

Be part of the Baker finance ever-growing ecosystem!

$BAKER is our native governance token. By holding $BAKER you are being part of our community and will participate in the decisions and growth of the protocol.

Platform revenues generated from the different financial services are distributed back to those who stake $BAKER. The revenue sharing mechanics entail you can stake $BAKER to earn more $BAKER in the governance pools.

In order to distribute $BAKER in the governance pool, the profits are used to buy BAKER from the open market, as this is a non-inflationary token, providing an endless buyback system that will add constant value to the BAKER price, and will keep on growing as more users adopt the platform and more services are added to the ecosystem.

How can I buy $BAKER?

You can earn $BAKER buying through the platform, on different DEXs where BAKER is listed, or by staking in the Governance Pool. $BAKER has a max supply and there is no emission, so along the growth of the protocol, the value of BAKER will grow too.

How is the protocol revenue distributed?

All revenue generated on the platform from fees is sent to the governance pool in form of the native token of the chain. Anyone who stakes their $BAKER in the governance pool receives their proportional share.

What’s the Governance pool?

The governance pool allows users to stake BAKER and receive rewards in $BAKER. By staking their tokens, each participant converts and compounds their share of the protocol’s revenue into more BAKER tokens. As no more BAKER tokens are to be minted, these are provided to stakers by buying BAKER from the open market.

What are the partners pools?

The partners pools allow users to stake BAKER and receive rewards in other tokens provided by our partners. This enhances the exchange of the communities with our partners and provides value to the BAKER holders.

How do I take part in governance?

The vote section will be launched in the short term. By holding $BAKER and staking it in the governance pool, a user earns the right to create proposals and vote in them. Voting sway and power are derived from the $BAKER holdings of the participant.

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