Tokenomics & ILO

All you need to know about $BAKER

Contract addresses



Contract Address



Supply & Emission

MAX Supply: 3,343,241 $BAKER

There is no emission of BAKER. The rewards on the governance pool are distributed through buyback mechanisms with the profits of the protocol

Buyback Mechanisms: all revenues generated by the different financial services in the platform are used to buy back BAKER and are distributed through the governance pool.

  • Leveraged Yield Farming: you can check buyback mechanisms here

Initial Launch Offer

The first launch will be in the BNB Chain

MAX Supply: 3,343,241 $BAKER

19% Locked Liquidity (625,000 BAKER)

40% Presale (1,338,241 BAKER)

24% Marketing (800,000 BAKER)

12% Pool Rewards (400,000 BAKER)

4% Team & Devs (locked) (130,000 BAKER)

1% General Reserve (50,000 BAKER)

General information ILO:

Amount to be raised: 500,000 USDC.e

ILO token price:

  • Tier 1: 0.392 USDC.e (446,429 BAKER)

  • Tier 2: 0.380 USDC.e (197,368 BAKER)

  • Tier 3: 0.360 USDC.e (694,444 BAKER)

Listing Price: 1.0 BAKER = 0.4 USDC.e

Initial Market Cap: $1,337,296

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